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Why Prescription Only Weight Loss Is Unhealthy

Losing weight is challenging for everyone. You are not alone if you’re struggling to lose weight and keep it off. Many try several diets and feel discouraged when they don’t achieve the desired results. While prescription-only weight loss may deliver results, the process is unhealthy and can reduce your overall health and wellness. 

What Is Prescription-Only Weight Loss?

Many people are turning to prescription medications to accelerate weight loss. Prescription-only weight loss means taking prescription medications to help you lose weight rather than relying only on diet and exercise. These medications may help you lose weight by reducing your appetite, increasing fat-burning potential, or reducing fat absorption. However, not all prescription weight loss pills are helpful for your overall health. 

Why Is Prescription Only Weight Loss Unhealthy?

Weight loss prescription medications can help you lose weight when paired with dietary and lifestyle changes. Using only prescription medications for weight loss can alter your physical health and change metabolic function. Studies show that some weight loss medications can help you lose between 5-10% of unwanted weight, which sounds enticing. However, weight loss often comes with other unwanted issues. 

Suppresses Appetite

Although an appetite suppressant sounds fantastic when you want to lose weight, it also means taking in fewer calories. Eating fewer calories can also result in absorbing fewer nutrients, leading to nutrition deficiency, metabolic imbalance, and poor mental health. Prescription weight loss medications usually suppress your appetite, making you feel less hungry, which may help with obesity, keeping you on a low-calorie diet. However, they can also cause fatigue and headaches in other people. 

Prevents Nutrient Absorption

People who focus on prescription-only weight loss may suffer from nutrient absorption. Since most weight loss pills reduce calorie absorption, they will also limit nutrient absorption in the body. Most pills prevent fat absorption, which is not always bad, but it can also block the body’s ability to absorb other necessary nutrients. 

Burns More Calories

Everyone wants to burn more calories, especially if they struggle to lose weight. Exercise, coffee, green tea, and other foods can burn calories and help you lose weight. Prescription weight loss medications increase the body’s fat-burning ability, helping you burn more calories. Using this method alone to burn calories for weight loss is not always helpful. People with metabolic imbalance, cardiovascular issues, or other health concerns should consult a doctor before trying prescription weight loss medications. 

Lose Weight With A Holistic Program

The best way to lose weight is with a holistic weight loss program that integrates diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Accelerated weight loss programs offer many benefits when practiced with a professional healthcare provider. These programs provide a comprehensive approach to weight loss, including an in-depth analysis of medical history, hormone imbalances, peptides, and more.  

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