Accelerated Weight Loss Program

  • Are you frustrated by failed attempts to lose weight?
  • Are you exhausted by the never ending cycle of losing weight only to gain it back again?
  • Are you confused about what really works for weight loss?
  • Then this program is your answer!
  • If you are interested in losing a significant amount of weight and keeping it off this is the program for you!
  • If you are struggling to lose that last 10lbs this is the program for you!
This program includes: 
  • A foundational appointment with Dr Hoff to discuss your goals and current roadblocks. 
  • An in depth lab analysis of your global health and hormones followed by a
  • Bio identical hormone replacement.
  • Weight Loss Peptides, GLP 1 agonists (Mounjaro, Ozempic, etc.)
  • An easy to use online curriculum covering nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management.
  • A personalized nutrition and exercise program built specifically for you based on your preferences and physical abilities and lifestyle. 
  • Weekly coaching appointments with Tina Hoff & Dr. Hoff
  • Nutritional and activity apps downloaded to your phone that will contain your personalized program. You will have Dr. Hoff as your coach in the palm of your hand. 

Success Stories
These Women Have Kept the Weight Off for At Least One Year!

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