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Boutique and Concierge Clinic

We are a boutique concierge medical practice. What does that mean? The concept is simple but fundamental. We limit the number of patients in our practice to deliver unprecedented levels of personalized care in a private setting. We eliminate the insurance middle man and restore the critical bond between doctor and patient that has deteriorated in our current healthcare system. We work for you, not the insurance company. We are incentivized to do things for you and your ultimate benefit. We combine extraordinary access, the latest high tech diagnostic tools, one-on-one coaching and high touch practices to design your unique personalized plan to improve your health and help you attain peak performance.We spend the time to understand your needs, goals and ambitions— and make them our top priority. We are dedicated to optimizing your health, lifestyle and performance.



We practice functional, integrative and preventive medicine. By functional we mean that our primary goal is to ensure that you are living your life to the fullest. That you are your True You. We work to ensure that you have the strength, endurance, mobility and cognitive performance to do all you want to do with your life. By integrative, we mean we will use whatever means necessary for you to achieve optimal health and wellness. We consider every option in helping you achieve your goals. Lastly, as a natural consequence of participating in a functional and integrative approach to your health you will be doing all you can to prevent the development of chronic and debilitating disease.

Our Healthcare Systems Philosophy

There is often a disconnect between the insurance company that is paying for the service of healthcare and the patient who is the recipient.  The true purpose of insurance is to protect against the relatively uncommon, unforeseen, expensive or catastrophic events. That is how health insurance started out. We have now become accustomed to health insurance covering everything, including preventive care. The solution is to reunite the payer and consumer of healthcare services. This concept, referred to as concierge, membership, retainer, direct-pay or boutique medicine has been around for a while, but has become increasingly popular in recent years. Insurance coverage remains an essential part of your care for hospitalizations, surgery, etc.

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