Preventative medicine

Preventative medicine: As you participate your personalized health care plan you will be engaged in preventative health maintenance. The more comprehensive of a program you undertake, the greater the effect. We offer a wide variety of risk assessment tools, including genetic testing, to further evaluate and therefore better address your preventative medicine needs.

Importance of Preventative Medicine

Taking care of your health and wellness is essential at every stage of life. Your health is the key to energy and vitality, so it’s important to stay updated with resources like preventative medicine. We offer a wide range of services and tools to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

We Offer Preventative HealthCare

Many health plans provide preventive medicine services, such as vaccines, lab work, and screenings. Routine exams and visits can help prevent serious illness and disease. That is why we offer preventive services for:

  • Women’s health
  • Men’s health
  • Executive care
  • Family services
  • Senior care

Our boutique-style in our practice allows us to offer a wide range of services for our patients. Dr. Hoff works with many groups of patients to offer preventive services that prevent serious illness and help patients reach their health goals. We can evaluate your current health and provide the right solution to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Please get in touch with our office today to discuss your healthcare needs and how our preventative care can benefit your health goals. Our functional and integrative medicine programs can help you take charge of your health and enhance your wellness.

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