What Are The Benefits of Seeing A Functional Medicine Doctor?

If you’re discouraged and underwhelmed by traditional forms of healthcare, you are not alone. Many people experience chronic pain or other unexplained symptoms that affect their daily lives. Today, Men and women are considering switching to more holistic methods for answers to their chronic health conditions. Functional medicine doctors offer many benefits for your overall health and wellness. 

What Is A Functional Medicine Doctor?

Before discussing the benefits of seeing a functional medicine doctor, it’s essential to understand their philosophy and methods. Doctors who practice functional medicine believe people are more than separate body systems with symptoms to address. They approach each person differently because everyone has different healthcare needs, so they should have a unique approach to their healthcare. Simply put, these doctors focus on locating the root cause of illness before addressing the symptoms. Here’s a look at the benefits of seeing a functional medicine doctor.

Science-Based Approach

Functional medicine is more than herbal remedies and nutrition plans. It references science-based data to determine why you’re experiencing specific symptoms. Genetics and medical history play a primary role in every person’s health; this knowledge is essential for optimal recovery.

Comprehensive Health Evaluation

Has your primary care physician ever examined your medical history? This is one of the first things a functional medicine doctor does for each patient as part of a comprehensive health evaluation. They take a multi-disciplinary approach, often including diagnostic testing, labs, and physical exams. By focusing on every portion of medical history, current lifestyle, and environmental factors, they can identify the source of your chronic illness or give preventive care advice. 

Customized Treatment Plan

Once they find the root cause of your chronic symptoms, a functional medicine doctor can create a customized treatment plan that meets your needs. You may find an exercise plan, nutritional suggestions, and supplement recommendations included with your treatment plan. Most doctors will also incorporate holistic therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, herbal remedies, or meditation techniques. Many people begin feeling better as they follow this roadmap for their overall health and wellness. 

Better Doctor/Patient Relationships

Most traditional settings leave patients feeling confused and discouraged when they feel ignored after sharing their health concerns. Functional medicine is patient-focused and acknowledges that every patient responds differently to treatment. This method helps patients feel empowered to take charge of their health as these doctors take their time to examine every avenue of patient health and wellness. You are in control of your health, and your doctor will adjust your treatment plan as you closely communicate what is working and what you feel needs a change.

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