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We provide personalized care in a boutique medical practice that intentionally limits the number of new patients. Therefore we can spend the time to understand your goals, needs and ambitions and make them our top priority. You will establish a unique doctor – patient bond as all patient care is attended to directly by Dr. Hoff himself. If you are struggling with mood swings or a hormone imbalance, and are looking into a hormone specialist Dr. near you, we can help with hormone replacement therapy options. We offer advanced diagnostic tools in the areas of gastrointestinal health, cardiovascular screening, nutritional supplementation, body composition, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and genetics. We care about our patients and your individualized needs!

We believe a man should feel strong, energetic and proud of his appearance

Today’s woman desires to feel younger, to be energetic, vibrant, strong and beautiful.

Regardless if you are a business owner, climbing the corporate ladder, CEO of a large corporation, or the head of a dynamic family unit, you are an executive.
Is your mood keeping you from living your best life? Are you frustrated? Has traditional therapy of antidepressants failed?
No one can be their best with inadequate sleep. Inadequate sleep is both a lack of hours slept, and perhaps more importantly, quality of sleep.
Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in this country. It leads to cognitive decline

What is Stopping You From Living the
Life of Your Dreams?



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My experience as a patient of Dr. Hoff’s has been excellent and met all my expectations. And as a health care practitioner myself – I have to admit that I hold other practitioners to a higher standard based on what I do. From the beginning – I was given the opportunity to fully describe my current health status and what results I was looking for from peptide therapy. This was something I had been interested in for quite some time but thought I was going to have to find a practitioner out of town to prescribe & oversee my treatment. I was thrilled to learn peptide therapy is part of TrueYou Health & Wellness’s concierge services. Dr. Hoff & his wife Tina have been very responsive to all my questions and have been such a pleasure to work with.


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Dr. Hoff did a very in depth review of my blood work, explaining things clearly in a way I’d never experienced before from a doctor. He explained what areas were the most important to focus on and developed a customized plan that fit my health goals. I’m very pleased and would recommend True You Health and Wellness to anyone looking at taking their health and well being to a new level.


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I appreciated the time and care Dr. Hoff took in our first meeting. He was very thorough in his intake and understanding of what my issues were that I wanted to address. I have PCOS which is a complicated disorder to manage. I especially appreciated all the research Dr. Hoff has done to be on the cutting edge of PCOS treatments and care.


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Before seeing Dr. Hoff and his team I would come home from work and just want to go to bed. I never want to do anything and keep telling myself it was all in my head I was just being lazy, but and only 39 years old and with a young child I knew I had to make a change. So I went to True You. Dr. Hoff listened to my needs and wants which is a WONDERFUL thing from your Doctor. A short time later and I’m a new man I work 12 hours a day and still have tons of life in me for my family. I have more energy and stamina than I did in my 20s. All I can say is stop wasting your time go see Dr. Hoff and his team and become the “True You” that you’re meant to be.

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