Mentioning our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at True You Health and Wellness is that you should not accept poor aging as expected and unavoidable.

Our philosophy is that too many health care providers have made this same bad assumption.

Many of them are not trained or taught that there is a better way.

These providers have been conditioned by their training, the influence of wealthy drug companies, and other members of the “healthcare” industry that actually benefit when you remain unwell.

Healthcare providers under the pressures of working in an insurance based system are limited in the amount of time, thought and energy that they are able to invest into each patient. This makes the 5 minute doctor visit followed by a prescription for another drug, without any real solution, the “standard of care.”

There is a Better Way

A system that listens to the patient.

A system that makes the patient, and their needs, wants, goals and ambitions the center of attention.

A doctor who knows his patients, and not just their health issues.

A doctor who knows you as a person, and what you want out of life, and then develops a plan to help you get there.

How Our System is Different

Our philosophy focuses on the Four Pillars of Health:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Rest and Recovery
  4. Metabolic Optimization

Certainly at times optimizing your health involves medications, however they are only one piece of the puzzle. How many of the pillars is your healthcare provider working with you on?

Are you frustrated? There is a better way! We offer programs, not just prescriptions…

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