Our Business Manager

Tina is an avid equestrian who trains and competes in western and English riding.

She, like Brian, is an animal lover. Their fur children right now includes: 7 dogs, 1 cat, 2 horses and a mini mule.

Tina loves her community, is a self described foodie, and is a great resource for local gems for any out of town patients.

Tina has extensive experience in customer service and brings that to her care of all True You patients. She is the cornerstone of her own family and enthusiastically also fulfills that role for the True You family.

Tina is Dr. Hoff’s 2nd patient and is happy to talk about the change in her energy, motivation, enthusiasm, and physical fitness that has come along with being his patient.

Tina enjoys a large social network that includes friends of all age groups, professionals, fellow equestrians – but she will tell you that her best friends are her children, grandchildren and animals.

She enjoys working out with Brian and is a big fan of short intense work outs that give her the results she wants in brief but intense work outs. She is happy to share her experience with patients looking for the same.

True You is a Way of Life

True You is more then a business for the us. It is more than an idea. True You is a way of life that we have embraced and believe has enabled us to live our best lives. Our passion is to share this way of life with you!

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