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Concierge Care

Do you struggle to find a healthcare practice that focuses on the importance of the doctor-patient relationship? Many patients deal with long wait times for appointments or insurance roadblocks that keep them from receiving the healthcare they need. If you’re looking for an alternative solution, concierge care may benefit you.  

What Is Concierge Care?

Concierge care is a membership-based system that quickly provides each patient with direct access to a physician. When you use this service, it helps eliminate insurance restrictions and other roadblocks that can interfere with optimal healthcare and decision making. These practices usually limit their patient numbers to less than 600, rather than over 5,000, like most traditional practices. 

Doctors who specialize in concierge care handle everything a primary care physician handles, and they receive the same training and licensure. Whether you need lab tests, annual physical exams, or a same-day appointment, they can handle it for you.

Benefits For the Patient

Concierge Care is more individualistic than the traditional medical approach. This option focuses on you and your vision for optimal health and wellness. Concierge Care creates a partnership between you and your doctor,developing a relationship where your doctor can best serve you. 

When you use a unique service like Concierge Care, you experience lasting benefits, such as:

  • More quality time with your doctor
  • Accurate solutions and conversations about your healthcare solutions
  • Answers to all your health and wellness questions
  • Direct contact with your doctor via phone, text, email, or telemedicine

When you use Concierge Care, you won’t spend hours in a waiting room waiting to see the doctor. We understand your time is just as valuable as your physician’s time. By limiting the amount of patients in a practice, doctors can eliminate extra paperwork and spend more time with each patient. Every patient should feel important, heard, and seen. 

Importance of Using Concierge Care

Many people struggle finding control over their own health care decisions. Concierge Care offers a unique approach to healthcare that places you in control rather than the insurance company or even your doctor. Concierge Care is not subject to the outside pressures of insurance companies and business interest when considering your healthcare.

This solution to healthcare may even save you money if you schedule regular doctor visits because it does not require a co-pay or surprise costs. Since it is based on membership, you pay a fee upfront and avoid additional fees throughout the year.

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Although Concierge Care is not brand new, unfortunately, most people have never truly experienced it. Call us for an appointment today and experience all the benefits this healthcare option has to offer.

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