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What Happens To Our Bodies As We Age Without Hormones?

As the body ages, both men and women can experience different and often uncomfortable symptoms. It can feel discouraging as you try to locate the root cause of each symptom and work toward healing. While hormonal decline is a natural part of the aging process, it can lead to weakness, pain, and other chronic health issues.

Why Are Hormones Important?

Our hormones are essential for every bodily function. These chemical messengers regulate functions such as growth, libido, sleep, and metabolic functions, which highly depend on proper hormonal balance. A lack of hormones in the body creates an imbalance, leading to chronic health issues. 

The endocrine system produces hormones and there are several hormonal producing glands the body needs for balance. Some of these glands are pituitary for growth, pineal for sleep, and adrenal for stress control and libido. All of these are equally important in promoting a healthy mind and body. 

Effects Of Aging Without Hormones

Both men and women depend on certain amounts of estrogen and testosterone. Although testosterone is a predominantly male hormone, women have trace amounts like men have small amounts of estrogen. When it comes to hormones, it’s all about creating balance to achieve optimal health. Doctors often diagnose this hormonal decline as menopause in women and andropause in men. 

Men and women who suffer from a hormonal imbalance may experience uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes, low sex drive, migraines, bone and muscle loss, mood swings, and more. Since most men and women begin hormonal decline around age 30, these symptoms can linger for a long time. This sudden hormonal decrease can affect your lifestyle as you try to recover from the effects of aging. 

Dealing With Hormonal Imbalance

Dealing with a hormonal imbalance has negative effects for both men and women. The lack of testosterone men need as their primary hormone decreases their muscle mass and can increase weight gain. Estrogen loss in women can cause mood swings and brittle bones. However, these are not the only hormones that decline during the aging process. Thyroid and melatonin loss can cause us to experience more stress and lower energy. Since the body heavily relies on hormonal balance for cellular function, hormonal decline can also lead to a slower immune system. Hormones help create the antibodies we need to fight off illness and disease. If cellular health decreases because of a lack of hormones, then we may struggle with slower healing times and other chronic health issues. 

Recovering With Hormonal Replacement Therapy

When you’re dealing with the symptoms of hormonal decline, it’s tempting to take more medication to relieve the symptoms. While the recovery is temporary, it won’t solve the root cause of the symptoms. The good news is there are ways to replace hormone loss naturally and recover your health and wellness. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) supplements the body’s natural chemicals with plant-based sources that mimic the body’s natural hormones. Using a more natural option to replace lost hormones means a safer alternative for recovery. 

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