Functional Medicine Doctor in Stafford, VA

When you’re searching for a functional medicine doctor in Stafford, VA, look no further than True You Health & Wellness. As a boutique and concierge medical clinic, we provide personalized healthcare that improves health and wellness. We have what you need if you’re considering an alternative to traditional healthcare.

Looking For A Functional Medicine Doctor?Functional Medicine Doctor in Stafford, VA

Chronic health conditions can often stop us from living the life we deserve. Our clinic focuses on a functional approach to healthcare, allowing us to spend more time on personalized patient care. We provide a wide range of services such as:

Our unique doctor-patient relationship is one factor that sets us apart from traditional medicine. Dr. Brain Hoff is passionate about using his experience and knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and stress management to help patients achieve better health. He works closely with patients to identify the source of uncomfortable symptoms and recover from the inside out. 

We Provides Services In Stafford, VA

Stafford, a census-designated area in Stafford County, Virginia, is about 10 miles west of Fredericksburg. Its rich colonial history is one interesting factor that attracts tourists. We enjoy serving the residents in Stafford and the nearby areas

Frequently Asked Questions About Functional Medicine

We know you may have questions if you are new to functional medicine. Here are a few frequent questions we receive. 

How Is A Functional Medicine Doctor Different From A Traditional Doctor?

This is a common question we receive, especially when people search for alternative healthcare. A functional medicine doctor focuses on a whole-body approach to healthcare. This means, the doctor doesn’t set the symptoms apart from the rest of the body. We believe each body system works together and when one system is out of balance, it affects the whole person. 

A functional medicine doctor collaborates with the patient to create a personalized recovery plan. A personalized approach will use specific nutrition, exercise, supplements, and more to eliminate the cause of symptoms and restore health. 

Is Functional Medicine Holistic?

Functional medicine doctors use holistic practices and techniques to uncover the cause of chronic health issues. Holistic practices often focus on nutrition, genetics, supplements, and hormonal factors to determine the source of health issues. Functional medicine is holistic because it focuses on treating the whole person. 

What Are the Benefits Of Seeing A Functional Medicine Doctor?

Our team has a few other things that set us apart from other functional medicine doctors. We are a boutique and concierge clinic, which allows us to provide services without insurance coverage. Patients often wait too long for services because they must wait for insurance verification. By eliminating insurance requirements, we focus on the doctor-patient relationship. Patients can receive a clear healthcare plan concentrating on physical, mental, and emotional health.  

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