Functional Medicine Doctor in Charlottesville, VA

Are you struggling with chronic health issues you can’t explain? True You Health & Wellness helps patients recover in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. When you need a different approach to healthcare, a functional medicine doctor can help you restore your health. 

Functional Medicine Doctor Can Help You Recover From IllnessFunctional Medicine Doctor in Charlottesville, VA

Our team believes everyone deserves to pursue the life they love. However, illness, stress, disease, and environmental toxins can affect health and keep you from pursuing your dreams. We offer a functional medicine approach to healthcare that helps locate the root cause of many chronic health issues, including:

Whether you’re struggling with digestive issues, low libido, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, or other uncomfortable symptoms, we are here to help. Dr. Brian Hoff will meet with you and conduct an extensive evaluation to locate the source of your symptoms. Then, together you can create a customized plan that restores your health.

We Serve Charlottesville, VA

Our team is happy to bring our services to Charlottesville, VA, and the nearby areas. Charlottesville has over 46,000 residents and is part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Many tourists enjoy visiting historic landmarks like the Virginia Discovery Museum. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Functional Medicine

You may have several questions if functional medicine is new to you. These are a few common questions we receive. 

Are There Benefits Of Using A Functional Medicine Doctor?

Absolutely! Choosing a functional medicine doctor to meet your healthcare needs has many benefits. Functional medicine takes a more holistic approach, focusing on unpacking the reasons behind chronic health issues. This approach can help patients understand why they experience specific symptoms and how to eliminate them and restore their health. A functional medicine doctor also creates a specific recovery plan that fits each patient’s unique needs.  

What Can I Expect From My First Visit?

Our clinic focuses on the doctor-patient relationship above everything else. When you come for an initial consultation, you can expect to spend a lot of time talking about your specific healthcare needs. Dr. Brain Hoff will ask questions about your medical history, nutrition and exercise routines, and current lifestyle habits. These questions help determine the root cause of your health conditions and work toward healing. 

Do You Accept Insurance?

The unique aspect of our company is that we are a boutique and concierge clinic. We accept a limited number of patients to provide the best experience possible for each one. You can customize your services and direct payment rather than wait for insurance verification. This way, you pay for the exact services you need to restore your health.

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True You Health & Wellness in Charlottesville, VA, can help you reach your health and wellness goals. Contact us for a consultation today to get started. We look forward to helping you restore your health.

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