Family Practice and Primary Care

True You is excited to announce the option of Family Practice and Primary Care to new or existing patients.

We have heard your frustrations and are here to help.

Many of you have expressed to Dr. Hoff the challenges of establishing a relationship with a Family Practice or Primary Care Physician or being able to see your doctor in a timely manner, especially in the post-COVID 19 healthcare environment. You have also shared with us how you have been told ” Your levels are normal, you are just getting old.” or ” You just need to lose weight, exercise more, and eat differently”, without being given a path on how to do so.

At True You, being not sick is not good enough and we have a proven method and formula to help you be better.

Our goal is that you be healthy, happy, active, and fully engaged in the life you have. We want you to be your True You – a you that feels better than you have in a long time.

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Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine is a practice concept that places high value on the doctor-patient relationship with the wants and needs of the patient being the central focus of that relationship. Patients can expect an individualized attention not experienced in other medical practices. At True You, we do not accept Medicare or private insurance. We are a membership practice that provides a comprehensive initial exam and evaluation and all necessary follow-up care thereafter as part of the membership. We limit the number of patients in our practice which allows us the time to truly invest in you and your care and get to know you as a person, including your vision of optimal health and living.

Primary Care Practice of a Different Kind

Are you frustrated with a chaotic primary care office?

Have you had to wait weeks to get an appointment with your primary care physician?

Would you prefer to see a physician and not an assistant?

Would you prefer to see the same physician at every visit?

Have you waited more than one hour as your doctor was running behind?

Have you wondered if the doctor really understood your concerns in the short time they spent with you?

Were all your concerns addressed and questions answered?

When you were given answers, did they make sense to you?

True You Family Practice and Primary Care

At True You, we believe there is no substitute for time and attention. Time to get to know our patients’ concerns, needs, wants, and vision for a better life. Time to efficiently diagnose, treat and care for our patients when they are ill and time to keep them healthy when they are well. We could not provide this time and attention in a traditional practice model and therefore we chose and offer you something better.

Are You Ready to Experience a Different Type of Health Care?
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