Choosing Integrative Medicine

Why Are More People Choosing Integrative Medicine?

Many people today use conventional medicine resources to help them recover from illness and prevent future health issues. However, more people are choosing complementary and alternative forms of medicine, including integrative medicine, for their healthcare needs. Here’s a look at why people are turning to integrative medicine. 

What Is Integrative Medicine?

Before we explore why more people are turning to integrative medicine, let’s define this type of healthcare. Unlike conventional medicine, integrative medicine takes a broader view of healthcare. It combines evidence-based complementary therapies with research-based traditional methods to identify the root cause of illness and treat the whole person. While conventional medicine usually treats symptoms, integrative medicine focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit to promote complete healing. 

Many healthcare providers, including chiropractors, nutritionists, holistic psychotherapists, and physicians, use this alternative healthcare approach. Rather than replacing your primary care physician, integrative medicine providers work with them to facilitate complete healing. Some people choose alternative medicine as their primary source of healthcare.

Why Are More People Choosing Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is becoming more popular today as people search for answers to help them recover from chronic health issues. Alternative medicine is growing in popularity for several reasons. 

A Deeper Relationship

Waiting for hours on the phone or at a doctor’s office is frustrating, especially when you don’t feel well. When you finally speak with the doctor about your health issues, receive a prescription and a follow-up appointment, depending on your condition. This process may not provide the answers most people need to manage their health and wellness. People want more time with their doctor to discuss their healthcare needs and receive practical advice for preventive care.

More Control Over Health

Most people are searching for ways to have more control over their health. They want more than prescription medication to mask their symptoms. Even if doctors run tests and everything appears normal, patients may still struggle with health conditions. Integrative medicine provides lasting relief with natural therapies like acupuncture or massage while patients work toward complete healing.

Complete Healthcare

While medications may offer some relief, patients want a complete approach to whole-body healing. They often turn to natural remedies to help them recover because holistic solutions do not cause lingering side effects. For some people, herbal remedies alone will not help them recover. Integrative medicine combines natural therapies with complementary medicine and practices to enhance recovery and improve quality of life.

Benefits Of Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine techniques help provide whole-body support people need to recover from illness. Chiropractic therapies, yoga, meditation, nutritional therapies, acupuncture, and natural herbs help the body reduce stress to facilitate healing. Integrative medicine empowers people to take control of their health and enjoy their lives. 

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