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True You Health and Wellness is your premier healthcare provider in Ashburn, VA and the surrounding communities. We specialize in providing our patients with direct primary care, with an emphasis on personalized and holistic healthcare. True You Health and Wellness believes that true health begins with understanding each patient’s unique needs, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to help you achieve your health and wellness objectives.

We Offer Direct Primary CareDirect Primary Care Near Me in Ashburn, VA

Direct primary care (DPC) is a unique and innovative approach to healthcare that focuses on providing patients with comprehensive, personalized care without the hassles and costs associated with traditional insurance-based healthcare. Patients who use DPC pay a monthly membership fee in exchange for unlimited access to primary care services such as preventive care, chronic disease management, and acute care visits. True You Health and Wellness believes that this approach to healthcare is the way of the future, and we are proud to offer DPC to our patients.

The Advantages of Direct Primary Care

There are numerous advantages to selecting direct primary care over traditional healthcare models. For starters, DPC enables more personalized care and a closer relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider. Patients have more time to discuss their health concerns with their doctor, and they can have longer, more thorough appointments without the stress of insurance billing constraints. Furthermore, DPC enables easier access to healthcare services, such as same-day and next-day appointments, as well as virtual visits. Most importantly, DPC is frequently less expensive than traditional insurance-based healthcare, with no hidden fees or copays.

We Provide Primary Care To Ashburn, VA 

Asgburn, Virginia is a lovely and vibrant city in Loudoun County. Ashburn has it all, whether you like hiking, biking or simply strolling through scenic parks and gardens. This city has more than 43,000 residents and is apart of the Washington Metro Area. 

Direct Primary Care Frequently Asked Questions

Check out a few of our most recently asked questions below.

Is Insurance Required If I Choose Direct Primary Care?

While DPC does not cover specialty care or hospitalizations, it can be an excellent choice for those seeking more affordable and personalized primary care services. DPC can also be combined with a high-deductible insurance plan to provide additional protection.

Is It Cost Effective To Use Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care is often less expensive than traditional healthcare models because it eliminates many of the hidden fees and copays associated with insurance-based care. DPC providers may also be able to negotiate lower prices for lab work and other medical services.

How Do I Schedule A Consultation With A DPC Provider?

It is simple and convenient to schedule an appointment with a DPC provider. To schedule a visit, simply call or message your provider, or use your provider’s online scheduling system to find a time that works for you.

Is Direct Primary Care Available For Families And Children?

Absolutely! Direct primary care is an excellent option for families and children because it provides more personalized and accessible care for all family members.

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True You Health and Wellness is dedicated to assisting our patients in achieving their health and wellness objectives through personalized and comprehensive care. If you’d like to learn more about our direct primary care services or make an appointment, please contact us right away. We can’t wait to assist you in realizing your true health potential.

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