BHRT in Leesburg, VA

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, such as insomnia, hair loss, or sudden weight gain, BHRT can help. Men and women can suffer from these symptoms during the aging process, causing a health decline. True You Health & Wellness provides services to help you recover from these symptoms and restore your health. 

Recover From Hormonal imbalance With BHRTBHRT in Leesburg, VA

Many women and men struggle with hormonal issues, especially around age 30. During this time, cellular health declines and leads to other health issues. Since hormones are responsible for several body functions, restoring balance can help you recover from issues including:

  • Weight gain or loss – Hormonal imbalances can disrupt the body’s metabolism, leading to either weight gain or weight loss. Additionally, hormones can affect hunger levels, causing people to eat more or less than they normally would, leading to weight gain or weight loss.
  • Chronic fatigue – An imbalance in your hormones can affect the thyroid gland, which is responsible for energy production. When the thyroid is not functioning properly, it can cause a decrease in energy levels, leading to chronic fatigue. 
  • Muscle and joint pain – When hormones are out of balance, the body may produce too much to too little of certain hormones that can lead to inflammation. This inflammation can cause joint and muscle pain, which can be a symptom of hormonal imbalances. 
  • Trouble sleeping – Hormonal imbalances can cause fluctuations in levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. High cortisol levels can interfere with the body’s sleep-wake cycle and make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. 
  • Anxiety or depression – An imbalance in hormones can disrupt the body’s natural ability to produce serotonin, which is a hormone known to regulate mood. This disruption can result in a feeling of depression or anxiety. 
  • Low libido – When hormones are not balanced it can affect the production of testosterone, the hormone that regulates sex drive. Low testosterone levels can lead to a decrease in libido and can make it difficult to become aroused.

It’s important to seek treatment right away if you’re experiencing these symptoms. If left untreated, hormonal imbalance can lead to more serious health issues. This is a common problem among many men and women and we can help you recover. You don’t have to deal with this health concern on your own. 

We Help Men and Women In Leesburg, VA

Our team is proud to provide health services to men and women in Leesburg, VA. Built around 1740, this historic town is the home of Robert E. Lee, and has over 48,000 residents. Our services to men and women in Leesburg, VA are invaluable to the community. We strive to help people regain their health and vitality, so they can continue to enjoy the vibrant and historic town of Leesburg.

Our services can also help to ensure that the residents of Leesburg are healthy and able to participate in the many events and activities the town has to offer. We believe that our services can make a real difference in the lives of those living in Leesburg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team receives questions about our services every day. We understand it can feel stressful when you’re experiencing new health issues. We are here to answer any questions you have regarding BHRT. Here are a few common questions we receive about this treatment. 

How Long Does BHRT Treatment Take?

BHRT is an individualized treatment that is tailored to a person’s specific needs. The amount of time it takes to see benefits from treatment can vary depending on lifestyle, age, and hormone levels. However, most people start to see results and feel better after a few weeks of treatment.

What Does BHRT Do For Me?

Hormonal imbalance is a common issue for many men and women, especially after age 30. Most people don’t realize their symptoms are from an imbalance. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a treatment that replaces lost hormones to balance your body and restore your health. Treatment options include creams and injections. 

Does BHRT Work the Same Way As HRT?

BHRT differs from traditional HRT in that BHRT is more similar to the body’s natural hormones. HRT often contains synthetic ingredients that alter the natural chemistry in the body. While they are both artificial hormones used to restore balance, BHRT comes from plants, reducing harmful side effects. 

How Will Treatment Help Me?

Once you begin treatment, you will notice a difference in your health and energy levels. Restoring your body’s hormone levels will balance metabolic functions, digestion, and more. You will notice increased energy, better sleep, a change in appetite, and an improved sex drive. While side effects are rare, if you experience them, let us know and we can adjust your treatment. 

True You Health & Wellness Can Help You Recover

If you’re dealing with signs of hormonal imbalance, you don’t have to suffer alone. The team at True You Health & Wellness is here to help you recover. We are happy to serve those in Chantilly, VA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today, and we will schedule an appointment for you.

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